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Faults are thick where love is thin.

Thoughts:"Should I go and visit Kirsten Today?"

Currently doing: waiting for Kirsten to return his calls.

♔ Inventory ♔

Cellphone: 75% battery, 0 texts, 1 missed call

Wallet with 500 DKK ($ 72.54 USD)

Keys with three keychains attached (ax, swan and lego)

Old broken hairpin

🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 for index.v

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.

♔Relationship Status♔

| Single | Crushing| Taken | Engaged | Married | Broken Up | It's Complicated | It's a Secret | Forever Alone |


Love struck | Hyper | Excited | Cheerful | Happy | Calm | Hostile | Pissed | Angry | Upset | Mixed Emotions | Neutral | Sleepy | Nostalgic | Uncomfortable | Confused | Sad | Distraught | Insecure | Crying | Jumpy | Anxious | Frightened | Deathly afraid | Content | Shy | Anti-social | Lonely | Bewildered | Pained | Hurt | Overwhelmed | Emotional | Friendly | Energetic | Peaceful | Cocky | Blood Thirsty | Devious | Sexual | Lazy | Way Too Innocent... | Faking Friendliness

{Physical Status}

Perfectly healthy | Healthy | Okay | So-So | Sick | Throwing up | Stabbed | Hurt | Injured | Recovering | Critically Wounded | Mortally Wounded | Hospitalized | Dead | Ghost

{Mental Status}

Perfectly Fine | Fine | Getting Better | Getting Worse | Depression | Uncontrollable Bouts Of Rage |Extremely Bi-Polar | Manic | Losing It | Lost It | Batshit Insane | Psychotic | Seeing Things | Intense Paranoia | Moderate Paranoia | Delusional | Lost Touch With Reality | Amnesia | Re-living Traumatic Event

.:. History .:.

Well some of it.

The history of Denmark dates back about 12,000 years, to the end of the last ice age, with the earliest evidence of human inhabitation.
The Danes were first documented in written sources around 500 AD, including in the writings of Jordanes and Procopius. With the Christianization of the Danes c. 960 AD, it is clear that there existed a kingship in Scandinavia which controlled roughly the current Danish territory. Queen Margrethe II can trace her lineage back to the Viking kings Gorm the Oldand Harald Bluetooth from this time, making the Monarchy of Denmark the oldest in Europe.

Denmark's history has particularly been influenced by its geographical location between the North and Baltic seas. This meant that it was between Sweden and Germany and thus at the center of the mutual struggle for control of the Baltic Sea (dominium maris baltici). Denmark was long in disputes with Sweden over control of Skånelandene (Scanian War) and Norway, and in disputes with the Hanseatic League over the duchies of Schleswig (a Danish fief) and Holstein (a German fief).

Eventually Denmark lost the conflicts and ended up ceding first Skånelandene to Sweden and later Schleswig-Holstein to the German Empire. After the eventual cession of Norway in 1814, Denmark retained control of the old Norwegian colonies of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland. During the 20th century Iceland gained independence, Greenland and the Faroese became integral parts of the Kingdom of Denmark and North Schleswig reunited with Denmark in 1920 after a referendum. During World War II Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany and liberated in 1945, after which it joined the United Nations.

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A bird may be ever so small, it always seeks a nest of its own.

{N}ame ♔
Mathias Køhler
{C}ountry ♔
Kongeriget Danmark
{RPs as both human and country}
{A}ge ♔
{G}ender ♔
{B}irthday ♔
June 5
{L}anguage ♔
{H}eight ♔
(Taller than you HAHA!)

★ Muse ★
completely dead | attempting to revive | alive | pretty high | perfect | infinity ∞

[[reply speed]]

>> [extremely slow]
>> [slow]
>> [okay]
>> [normal]
>> [fast]
>> [super fast]

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Mathias is extremely optimistic and a genuinely happy person, although his constant smile is often misinterpretted as cockiness or overconfidence. However, his good-natured smile is also seen as a calming, heart-lightening thing; even in the grimmest of situations, Mathias can still muster a smile.He's very good at letting stress, insults, and threats of danger roll right off of his back; often it appears that he is just dense, because nothing seems to affect him at all. In fact, he'll even brush off harsh and cynical comments with a laugh and a wave of the hand. He comes off as very carefree and light-hearted to most everyone who meet him, but under this very thick and dense shell of worryless, upbeat attitude lies a person who is very much in need of validation in their lives. He is often very kind and welcoming to most people, but as kind as he acts toward them, he doesn't honestly open up to people very much. Even those who are closest to him might not realize that the only thing Mathias ever really wants it to be liked, or in some cases, loved.

The other side of Mathias' personality is almost like an entirely different person. It's rare that the happy-go-lucky Dane gets upset, but when he does, it's not something that anyone wants to witness. The shift in mood from happy to angry has been described as seeming as if he is bipolar or has split personalities. Some have even said that it's like he's possessed. The man, when angered, is like a raging volcano; it's a natural disaster that can't really be stopped by anything but time. A few people close to him have said that his angry moods are like "viking rage," as he will smash, burn, and all-together destroy just about anything he can get his hands (or axe) on. It's unclear what exactly can cause him to shift into one of these moods; the pattern of what can set him off is never defined, so it is best to just stay on his good side at all times and to avoid him completely if he shows any signs of anger.

Mathias is an extremely cheerful young man with bright blue eyes and a shock of messy blond spikes atop his head. He's probably best recognized by the trademark grin plastered on his face 90% of the time (5% of the time he's sleeping, the other 5%...let's not go there). Standing at 6' 2" and 180 pounds, he's fairly lean for his height but has a lot of upperbody strength obtained from swinging the large battle axe he wields. His clothing alternates between two main outfits depending on where he his and what type of work he's doing. When out at sea, he'll often don an outfit consisting of two layered tunics over a pair of pants with boots, arm bracers, and a fur-trimmed cloak. He still carries his large axe with him in this ensemble, but also keeps a smaller hatchet and a sword tied at his belt for convenience. When docking and conducting business on land, he'll shed his viking-like attire and trade it for something more modern; a pair of red pants with an equally red button-up shirt, along with a large and heavy black trench coat, boots, leather gloves, a tie, and occasionally a miniature Garrison cap.

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